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About me
I'm a graduate programmer (C# Forms), web developer and designer. (Knowledge verified by graduation exam). In my free time, I either create on social networks or I educate and push my hard and softskills further.

November 2001

21 let

Kolin, CZE


I make things..

I always try to do something new and add value to it, or I explore the world of possibilities at all.

GlowSite logo


It was a portal under which I operated a server for the game Minecraft. In the first six months since launch, we outperformed market leaders . And they reached the maximum of the player (the current management of the portal has not surpassed these numbers).

There were more than 40 people in the team below me, who mainly took care of the gaming community, chat moderation and maintenance assistance.

At the beginning of 2021, I handed over the project to a more experienced management and, in general, broke away from it.

FirstWeb Logo

First Website

The first website I've ever created. This first site was created using a YouTube tutorial.

Thanks to this "small" test, I decided to go to high school with a focus on IT and web design.

TikTok logo


From the beginning, I based the profile on this social network mainly to promote my project (GlowSite). Later, however, it abandoned more and more of the project itself and focused on more entertaining videos from the game Minecraft.

Bowling Logo


My first game created in Unity 3D

The game uses my own various custom C # Scripts, 3D models + purchased Assets.

The game is only in "beta", but it is possible to play it after downloading HERE

I like to talk!

I'm constantly looking for an opportunity to participate in something, learn new things, or just debate the news!

So let's get started ..


Or take advantage